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while that for unbaffled configuration decreases with increasing Reynolds number. The impeller blade number is not the dominant factor that affects power number in this regime. Two hydrofoil impellers, SC-3 and HE-3, exhibit much lower&n

Hydrofoil Impellers vs. Pitched Blade Turbines in Lignocellulosic

(However, the known impeller characteristics, such as power number and pumping number, still show a substantial calculated advantage in laminar flow). Since then, I have used hydrofoils in many lignocellulosic slurry installations, with

Hydrofoil (PF3) - Fusion Fluid Equipment

The PF3 Hydrofoil Impeller provides excellent pumping ability with a strong axial flow. POWER NUMBER (NP) = 0.3; FLOW NUMBER (NQ) = 0.5; Flow Direction: Axial; Diameters (1PC welded construction): 3” to 24”; Diameters (bolted blade&nb

Effect of Impeller Design on Power Characteristics and - MDPI

3 Feb 2020 The authors observed that the shape with a blade twist decreased the power number and flow numbers and that, for a down-flow impeller, the jet stream leaving the impeller strongly interacted with the stirred vessel and 

Impeller design for mixing of suspensions

Pitched blade turbine with diagonally folded blades with various blade number iL = 3, 4 and 6 Hydrofoil impeller LIGHTNIN type A310 (see Fig. 6) of power numbers for the turbulent region have been evaluated along their limits on 9


is achieved by an agitator with a high power number impeller. Plot of power number versus Reynolds number Critical. FBT. Flat blade turbine. Hyd. Hydrofoil large. Large scale. RMS. Root mean square small. Small scale y. Yield.

"Impeller power draw across the full Reynolds number spectrum" by

The impeller blade number is not the dominant factor that affects power number in this regime. Two hydrofoil impellers, SC-3 and HE-3, exhibit much lower power numbers when compared with the other impellers. Additionally, the impellers&nb

Achieving Impeller Efficiency with Intermediate Power Number

where high efficiency impellers are in reality no more efficient than a pitched blade impeller. A third common application impeller and a hydrofoil with a power number as high as that of the Maxflo W. It should be noted that at higher

The unsparged power demand of modern gas dispersing impeller in

even when operated with high impeller tip speeds that correspond to low cavitation numbers. Keywords: Mixing impellers; Agitated boiling; Boiling reactors; Power draw; Cavitation the low drag, wide chord, hydrofoil impellers refe

Mixing Impeller Power - ProQuip Mixers - ProQuip Inc.

13 May 2019 The value of the dimensionless power number (Np) depends on several factors including impeller design, number of impellers and location within a tank, tank baffling and fluid viscosity. Typically the power number is shown&


(a) Low-solidity-ratio Lightnin A310 hydrofoil impeller. of ventilated cavity formed behind the blades of a downward-pumping hydrofoil impeller For a given impeller, the general relationship between power number and Reynolds numb

US5297938A - Hydrofoil impeller - Google Patents

A hydrofoil impeller includes three impeller blades attached to a hub. Each impeller blade It is another object of the present invention to provide an impeller having low power requirements for a given speed and diameter. It is yet a

What is Fluid Mixing? Dimensionless Groups Reynolds Number

P % D5. P % Sg. • The ratio of Power to N,D, & Sg is the Power. Number: Np % P/(N3 D5 Sg). 9. Power Number -vs- Reynolds Number Np = Impeller Power Number. 12. Pumping Wide Blade hydrofoil impeller, axial flow. • Applications&

Agitator Impellers Designed and Manufactured by AFX Holdings

Power = Q x H. TYPE: F3; TYPE: FS4; TYPE: P3; TYPE: P4; TYPE: S1; FOLDING IMPELLERS; TYPE: R6; TYPE: FCE3. This type of impeller, also known as a hydrofoil impeller, is used in applications where high flow velocity is required, and is&nb

solex Ss,Ms Hydrofoil Impeller, Capacity: Costumer Require, Rs

Usage/Application, Liquid To Liquid & Powder Mixing. Capacity, costumer require. Material, SS, MS. Model Name/Number, power sever hydrofoil,. Design Type, Standard. Features, Power Saver. Voltage, 440 V. Power Source, Electric.


Number 1. 10.2478/v10180-012-0004-3. Key words: Multiple Rushton impellers, four blades, six blades, stirred tank, numerical, angle and hydrofoil impeller. turbulent kinetic energy, the dissipation rate and the evolution of power

Effect of Axial Agitator Configuration (Up-Pumping - CiteSeerX

configuration on the power number, flow number and pumping effectiveness have been observed. Key-words: mixing Recently, it has been shown that up-pumping axial hydrofoil impellers provide considerable advantages over the down-.

Sizing Impellers for Agitated Aerobic Fermenters

sired M in an aerated fermenter (or impeller power draw in a “gassed” system) More recently, it has been replaced by hydrofoil axial-flow impellers. Photocredit: impeller power number, Pg/ρN3D5, dimensionless; NP is also. Pu/ρN3D5


Combined Power Number in Multiple Impeller Systems impeller speed for a range of solids concentrations using a hydrofoil impeller. It is evident that it has a

(PDF) Compiled & Edited Value of Power number and Flow number

Power & Pumping Number for Mixing in Turbulant Flow region The Author User For the suspension of particle, impeller bottom clearance should be 0.5*D should Lightnin, 3 Blade,Equivalent to Hydrofoil 0.65 K.S.M.S,Joshi J B , PBT

Design and Implementation of Differential Agitators to Maximize

6 Feb 2012 The impeller is the hydrofoil high efficiency impeller, but all vendors have Where Np represents power number. ,Da represents impeller

Axial Flow Impeller-Galaxy Industrial Equipments Pvt Ltd

AXF-22/3 is a three bladed hydrofoil impeller with Low Solidity Profile. impeller which delivers true axial flow with high Flow per input Power for mild Mixing which operates in the turbulent flow region even at lower Reynolds num

Impellers - Brawn Mixer

Wide range of standard and custom impeller designs for every mixing process. Brawn Mixer produces a several hydrofoil variants for specific applications. fluids very efficiently, more so than other conventional designs at constant

HAYWARD GORDON LTD. Mixing Fundamentals Fluid Mixing

horsepower, as impeller size increases, more power is expended on flow and less on shear. A large range. Power numbers of various impellers are normally compared in the fully turbulent second group includes propellers and hydrofo

Impeller: A310 - Post Mixing Optimization and Solutions

Turbulent Power Number Np=0.30, Flow Number Nq=0.56. Small and The A310 was LIGHTNIN's major thrust into fluidfoil or hydrofoil shaped impellers.

Galaxy process - SME Business Services Ltd

The AXF-32/AXF-22 hydrofoil impeller provides a combination of It can produce the same flow and process results at a lower power than other axial flow impellers as the viscosity of the fluid increases and the Reynolds Number decr

Mixing of liquids, solids and high viscosity materials - SlideShare

19 Mar 2014 Low shear hydrofoil design impellers can be used for coarse dispersions. The power number Np depends on the impeller geometry and the

Impellers - Mixtec

We utilize the latest generation of high-efficiency hydrofoils which significantly reduce In addition to our hydrofoil range, we can select from our wide variety of impeller to maintain uniform mixing throughout the vessel at lowe

CEM(Changzhou) Special Equipment Co.,Ltd.-Impeller Type

The key feature of CPE's hydrofoil agitator is the highefficiency RTF4 impeller. An agitator impeller is characterized by its Power Number, Np, and its primary

Mechanical Agitator Power Requirements for Liquid - PDH Online

Typically the impeller is a single propeller or turbine blade connected to a shaft that is The left-hand side of equation (10) is called the power number, NP:.

Impellers | INDCO

Results 1 - 15 of 1000 INDCO offers mixing impeller designs such as hydrofoil impellers, marine style mixing propellers, axial axial flow turbines, and radial flow turbines are all flow-producing impeller designs. Model Number


Several attempts can be found through the literature to determine the power number for different impeller deigns. Typically, the well-known radial flow Rushton

How to Install a Hydrofoil Impeller | INDCO - YouTube

26 Nov 2012 How to install a bolt-on hydrofoil impeller available through INDCO. In this video INDCO shows the steps to install a bolt-on hydrofoil.Contact

Hydrofoil Impeller Mixes in Water - Demonstration | INDCO - YouTube

28 Oct 2014 This INDCO video demonstrates the material flow of a hydrofoil impeller in water. To find out more info or place an order, contact us today!

Calculated Power Number (Np) for turbines - CerCell

Power Number is a dimensionless parameter used for estimating the power consumed by the agitating turbine. The lower number the better ability to disperse gas

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